what are your credentials?

Specialty and Boutique Cruise Certification- Cruise Line Industry Association
Princess Cruises- Commodore
Regent Seven Seas Cruises- Luxury Cruise Expert
Uniworld River Cruises- Specialist
Cunard Cruises- Commodore
Crystal Cruises- Academy Graduate
Oceania Cruises- Certificate of Expertise
Discovering Disney Cruise Line- Disney College of Knowledge Graduate
Viking River Cruises- Grand Master Specialist
Norwegian University- Master’s Degree
Virgin Voyages- Violet Tier

Agency credentials

Agent certifications

Cruise industry certifications

Verified Travel Advisor- American Society of Travel Advisors
Certified Travel Associate- The Travel Institute
Accredited Cruise Counselor- Cruise Lines International Association
Destination Specialist- Southern Europe, The Travel Institute
Destination Specialist- Malta, The Travel Institute
Destination Specialist- Hawaii Tourism Authority

International Association of Travel Agents Network
Cruise Lines Industry Association
American Society of Travel Advisors
California Seller of Travel License Number 2135850-40

how do i know if we're a good fit?

You’re yearning for a well-deserved vacation, but you don’t have the time—or energy—to plan it yourself.

You’re not down with budget travel—but you’re not looking to charter a private jet, either. You’re willing to invest $5,000+ and at least $500/day on your vacation before airfare (that’s the minimum budget I work with). 

You feel comfortable trusting a travel pro (that’s me!) to take the reins.

You’re a die-hard DIYer and actually love planning your own vacations. If that’s you, then you don’t need me! Book a phone consult with me instead!

Things like a “free” spa credit or “free” upgrade at your hotel matter most to you. Some suppliers I work with offer these, but my recommendations are based upon location and travel style first!

You’re looking for the cheapest price—I’m all about providing you major value, but I’m not about scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel “deals” (you deserve better than that).

-But here’s an idea of the kind of client I work best with:

We probably won’t be a good fit if:

We’ll know for sure when we hop on our (free!) planning call together!

do you charge a planning fee?

I do, yes, and it differs based on the tier of service you choose, the complexity of the trip, the number of people traveling, and the timeframe. (Find out more HERE)

The planning fee allows me to do in-depth research for your tailored itinerary. The fee is to cover time spent in consultation, research, itinerary creation, booking and trip management. It also means I’m not tied to specific travel suppliers. Many travel agents work on commission only, meaning they only get paid by the travel suppliers they work with … and some suppliers offer higher commissions than others. My planning fee gives me the freedom to match you with the hands-down best properties, tours, and cruises for your travel style—regardless of commission rates.

It also ensures I am compensated for my time and expertise, should you decide not to book. That is why all planning fees are non-refundable.


Two itinerary revisions within the same city are included. Travel planning is a process, so some minor changes are usually necessary in order to pinpoint exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it. However, changes to the location of the trip will require a new planning fee, as the process has to start from the beginning again.


Having traveled to 90+ countries and territories, I can send you to almost any destination you desire. There’s a good chance that if you want to go there, I’ve been there, and I’ll draw on my personal experience to craft your itinerary. I really like to personally vet all of my recommendations, but if I haven’t been there, I rely on my trusted network of travel suppliers and luxury travel professional colleagues to make sure your vacation is out-of-this-world spectacular.

International travel is my expertise, so generally speaking, no, I don't book US travel. However, there are some cities in the USA (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) that I book regularly. Basically, these consist of the main cruise port cities in the USA (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, New Orleans, New York, Boston, Charleston, San Juan, Galveston, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.) and Hawaii. If I don’t know enough about your destination, I am happy to recommend one of my colleagues who specializes in your area of interest.

I’m an Accredited Cruise Counselor from the Cruise Lines International Association- which means I’ve had extensive training including classroom product knowledge, ship tours, personal cruise experiences, and various exams in order to achieve this credential. Honestly, I was pretty anti-cruising before learning more and actually going on several cruises myself. Knowledge is power when it comes to cruises! There are so many sizes, styles and amenities available. I truly believe that if you think you don’t like cruising, it is just because you haven’t been on the right cruise yet!

Group trips are a great way to spend time with loved ones and friends! I also have many solo travelers that prefer to be with other people and/or have a guide take them around in a pre-packaged tour. It’s all about matching your travel style and budget with one of my trusted suppliers. Fee structure is based upon the complexity of the trip and the number of people traveling.

groups and guided tour packages


US Travel


Let me preface this by saying that I love steak. Like, LOVE steak. That said, there are a lot of practices in the worldwide tourism industry using animals that I don’t feel comfortable booking. I don’t book any hunting or fishing trips, and if you’re looking to say, eat dog in Korea- that’s going to be a hard pass from me as well. I am, however, willing to find alternative adventures that still get you up and close with animals. For instance, elephant rides are very popular in Southeast Asia, but I know of some great (more humane) organizations where you can hike alongside, bathe and feed one instead. Not all animal encounters are off-limits as well- I love animals and usually include them in some capacity on my own trips. In addition, no judgement on the stuff I won’t book either- I totally struggle with wanting to fly to Chengdu, China just to hold a baby panda (probably not cool?) myself! We can figure this part out together, but I did feel that I needed to at least put this out there.

I specialize in Affordable Luxury Travel, so I don’t book accommodations under a 4 rating. International star ratings are not the same as the American expectations associated with them; ie, a 5 hotel in Istanbul is not the same as what you would find/expect in NYC. Therefore, in order to better match quality and expectations, I only book accommodations starting at 4* and up.

I also don’t book some vacation rentals and AirBnb-type accommodations—simply because I can’t vet them! I CAN happily book apartment hotels and villa rentals through one of my trusted travel suppliers, though. I don’t want you to arrive to your rental and feel like you’ve wandered into a CSI crime scene…

a few things, yep.

can i add people to my itinerary?

No. All trips are custom made and priced according to the number of people in the original plan. Others may join your itinerary, but they will have to pay a separate trip planning fee.

can you help me with my visa?

Absolutely. Visa requirements get complicated, fast. I’m happy to guide you through it. I charge a Visa Assistance fee that differs on a case by case basis, since some countries have you jump through more hoops than others. Simple E-Visa applications for countries such as Australia will incur a $20 fee each. For more complicated visas such as India and Russia, the fee is $100 each.

I’ll share more about this on our planning call if it applies to you.