Underwater Ocean Suite at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

April 9, 2021

Picture a hotel room with views of vibrant tropical coral, vivid blue hues on all sides, and the soothing sensation of being underwater.

The unique underwater ocean suite at the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore offers you the opportunity to relax and watch the sea life float by from the comfort of your bed or, even better while soaking in your in-ground tub. 

This hotel provides a luxurious atmosphere with an abundance of facilities tailored for travelers like you, providing a perfect balance of value, luxury, convenience, and affordability. For a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can choose to stay one-night in this unique underwater room, for approximately $1,500. Similar underwater rooms around the world can can go for $8,000 per night. It is an excellent way for the whole family to experience a luxury suite with the added surprise of being underwater and viewing the many delightful fishes and other sea life right from your room.  

Unique features of the Underwater Ocean Suite

The 11 ocean suites at the resort are double-story rooms that give you the most breathtaking view.

The room has a floor-to-ceiling window that looks right into the world’s largest aquarium exhibit, the Open Ocean Habitat at the S.E.A Aquarium.  The aquarium has over 80,000 fishes of over 800 species. Through the glass wall that divides the tank and the bed, these sea creatures will float by your room, and you can make friends briefly with some exceptional “roommates.” The Underwater Ocean Suites give you an up-close view of the aquatic world from the comfort of your bed. 

The Underwater Room at the Sentosa Ocean Suites in Singapore

The viewing panel with the captivating sight of the blue sea and all of the sea life held inside welcomes you into the room. You will be intrigued by the schooling cownose rays, sharks, and the many different ocean inhabitants, as they gradually glide past your viewing panel. You’ll love the exciting feeding times, as divers dish out food to the enormous manta rays just a few inches from your room. 

Manta Ray underwater

Fun Fact

Manta rays can grow to nearly 25 feet from wingtip to wingtip, live for a quarter-century, and will consume about 60 pounds of plankton and small fish each day by filter feeding.

From your ocean-themed room, you can proceed upstairs to explore the beautifully decorated living room. The living room is very spacious, large enough for a family of four; it’s bright, airy, and has an outdoor jacuzzi. 

The Underwater Room at the Sentosa Ocean Suites in Singapore - Living Room

A stay at the ocean suites means you get to enjoy the luxury of five-star amenities, coupled with a 24/7 butler service. Shortly after your arrival, your butler gives you a walk-through of the room and serves you a complimentary glass of a lemongrass beverage. You’ll want to stay in and take advantage of the spectatular room-service. Order a delicious meal and hang out watching the sealife float by. 

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